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Concrete pump pipe cleaning
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Cleaning method of concrete pump pipe should have a proper place, is the residual concrete pumps can be used in pipeline construction site.
1. wash with pump pump water
How to: pumping over, open the hopper door, hopper released the rest, remove the hopper outlet Canal, clean, anti-cylinder pump to move the exclude concrete concrete. Rinse the hopper, mounted two sponge balls in the taper tube, connected to the vertebral Canal, close the hopper door, hopper inside the water pump until the pipe end pumps out sponge ball.
2. special cleaning pipes cleaning
How to: pumping over, removing the concrete material in a vertical pipe, connect the pipe, remove the outlet Canal. Pipe into two sponge balls cleaning and washing pump high pressure water pipes and cleaning pipes connected and tube Kaka in prison. Start the cleaning pump and pumped water into the washing lines, know pipe end pumps out sponge balls.


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