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Concrete pump product description and features
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Concrete pump, concrete pumps, formed by the pump body and the duct. Is a pressure of concrete along the pipeline continuous conveyor machinery, mainly used in the construction of buildings, bridges and tunnels.
Structure characteristics of concrete delivery pump
Electric control system:
1. totally enclosed electric control box, protection and control devices able to work under harsh conditions.
2. adopt PLC programmable, program controller simplifies electrical appliances, increased reliability and service life, with fault display for easy troubleshooting. Wired remote control, safe operation, convenient.
Hydraulic system:
1. the flip-side, operation, maintenance, maintenance is very convenient.
2. the side door using special technology can effectively reduce noise.
3. dual pump, hydraulic system of double loop opening.
4. the system is simple, long component life and high reliability.
5. pumping circuit using non-contact automatic reverse and extended phase control, avoiding the reversing impact, reversing an accurate, stable and reliable.
6. hydraulic system with safety closure of overflow protection, over pressure shut off device, so that multiple reliable protection for main pump.
7. suction filter, avoid entering the hydraulic circuit to improve system reliability and greatly extend the life of system components.
8. forced air cooling heat sink, ensure that the oil temperature is below 60 degrees centigrade.


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