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Fixed method of concrete pump pipe
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Fixed to concrete pump pipe is a very important preparatory work before construction, if the tubing is not fixed, and is very easy to create pipelines or even vertical pipes can lead to accidents, the following people and heavy industry in Hunan province to introduce fixed method of concrete pump pipe.

1. no direct support on the reinforcing steel bar, and embedded parts;

2. horizontal tubes suitable for every certain distance brackets, table mat, Sling, fixed, in order to exclude pipe Assembly and disassembly and cleaning pipes;

3. embedded parts for vertical pipes should be fixed to the wall or floor slab and column leaving holes;

4. in walls and columns on each pipe shall not be less than 1 fixed point shall be fixed at every floor reserved hole;

5. the lower end of a vertical pipe bends, and should not be used as the upper pipe support. Weight should be installed steel supports under vertical tube.

6. when the vertical tube on the scaffold, and the scaffold can be reinforced as needed;

7. pipe clamp should not be leakage.


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