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How to quickly clean up concrete pump hopper tips easy to get?
- Dec 09, 2016 -

How can the rapid buildup in hopper pump clean, because the pumps have solidified in concrete, so the owner spent a lot of time cleaning up at a time. Do not know if you have encountered this kind of dilemma?

Experts teach you the following three tips to easily fix the problem.
 First: save time and effort

Since usually a pump hopper bottom plate easily and a lot of concrete, if not cleaned in time, plug the hole and wait until the clean up is a shovel and hammer feels really hard, so you can use plastic bags put a bag of sand or mud on the sea floor, which when mixed
 Concrete more accessible by sea. Need to be aware of is that sand should not be too much, you should avoid contact with s bottom.


The second measure: foolproof

Since each construction Shi hopper within are inevitable will has product material, so each knock off Hou remember to timely cleanup hopper! after all today not cleanup, product material tomorrow also not variable less, sooner or later not also is himself of thing? so don't too trouble, today you cleanup clean just several minutes, and left with to tomorrow again lane on have spent multiplied of time, fast to try try's!

The third move: "friends" life together

Clean pump hopper can not be separated from "friends" – used oil! before the waste oil (can be purchased to near repair shop) rub it again, make the product less sticking to the wall, so that within 12 hours, just gently wash bucket with water is clean. Go and see your
 Good "friends"!


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