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Truck-mounted concrete pump pipe tube
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Concrete pump car in for pump sent of when has appeared has burst tube and blocking tube of problem is is most common but of has, because this problem is by with business concrete and mechanical itself of nature to decided of, until now also and has nothing method way can completely guarantee to can makes concrete pump car in pump sent of when not appeared burst tube and blocking tube of situation, only can said is in for pump sent of when big may of as avoid to this status of occurred. That usually appears most likely led to a concrete pump truck explosion and pipe are those?
 1, because the foreign materials, as well as other foreign body blockage caused by burst pipes. Actually this situation of occurred is mostly of, most often occurred of is foreign body because mixing of leaves, because some when by transport of tanker if transport of concrete of times than more of when, will caused has in inside of leaves appeared has fracture or is compared serious of wear, if in this when just good by fracture of leaves of volume and not special of big, if is just can through has hopper of metal filter network and into to has concrete pump car in the of hopper in, then on will card in has conveying cylinder and concrete tube in the, After living as long as they are cards, then it inevitably will emerge the pipe, and is relatively difficult to fault reason to check it out. If leaves is card in of location is first section arm tube in the, so by occurred has blocking tube of location on may not is in first section arm tube in the has, because first section arm tube of pressure is very big of, has may concrete will using with this export location of high pressure status, will has been continues to down flow, last on will stay in has fourth and third section arm tube in the caused has jam, but, in maintenance personnel will fourth third section arm tube apart of when, and will found has internal of status are is normal of, Machine not long after that, however, there have been blocked. So, when a blocking situation occurs, one first needs to be considered is in the front part is a foreign body stuck in need from the demolition of the degree of difficulty from a simple, open out parts one by one.

2, the use of cement is a high grade will be more easily led to the blast tube and pipe. Using high label cement of configuration is more easy on appeared has blocking tube of, because concrete pump car in transport concrete in must of time zhihou, gradually of on will appeared has segregation and early gel of situation has, if in this key points directly for pump sent words, so appeared has blocking tube of status is obvious of, most serious of even will caused has concrete pump car of across blocking tube of status, as long as is to appeared has across blocking tube of status, so on need big degree of disassembly maintenance has.


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