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Tubing what is scope of work
- Dec 09, 2016 -

In building construction, need to pay attention to all kinds of tools and equipment, pump tube temperature range is one of the important factors to be considered. Some pipe materials such as silicone rubber with a wide temperature range, high temperature and low temperature process are appropriate; and some tubing Tygon and C-Flex only a small temperature range. End users before choosing pipe should first clarify the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature in the system, and then make sure that the selected pump safety work in this temperature range. At increased temperature applications, end users should consider the temperature on the pump tube chemical resistance and bearing capacity of. When temperature increases, pump pressure is reduced.

Four, size
 With each roll the tubing in the pump head, wriggle pump will pump a certain amount of fluid, pump tube size is directly related to pumping flow, that is, run a great influence on the fluid delivery system. Wriggle pump tubing is designed with quality parts you need to focus on. Need to calculate the optimum size of tubing or the best size range. Here mainly refers to the diameter of the pump tube He Bi thick. Diameter pumping fluid of the decisions per one revolution of the rotor, and the wall thickness is decided after every rolling, tubing back into its original shape, this capability to a large effect on the service life of the pump. Tubing pump head size relative to the size is too small, pump head not to jail the tubing, pump tube can be pulled out the pump head and tubing size is too small, the rollers fail to pressure tubing in the pump head, it will cause the pump flow rate is insufficient to complete failure. If the pump tube size is too big, redundant pipe will roll between the pump casing and produced with the occlusion bed or roll fold, causing excessive wear and premature failure. When end users select tubing size, should follow the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure that the system functions well. In some applications of high precision (such as chemical dosing pump), pump tube size is even more prominent role. Size slightly off will cause flow or allocation deviations are too large to fail. Although some manufacturers provide recommended tubing sizes and dimensions are "close", "look", but often there is a gap. So in order for the pump to achieve the best performance and accuracy, users should be fully consistent with the manufacturers recommended size tubing size.


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