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Cause Of Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage And Solving Method
- Dec 09, 2016 -

A, anti-pumping process of elimination

Once the blocking, RP pump operation, general anti-pump 3~4 trips, pump, pipe blockage can be eliminated. If the operation is repeated 3~4 times, cannot be ruled out, you can find the plug position and pigging out. Split pipes should be preceded by anti-pump, release the pressure in the pump, so as not to split pipe concrete splashes while wounding.

Second, plug position identification

If anti-pump operation block cannot be ruled out, is to find out the plug, remove tubes cleared. Pros and cons while alternating pump operation, while along the conveying pipe tapping. Jam where sounds dull, and there are no concrete movement of Swish. Find location, apart to clean. General pipe jams less likely likely to bend, bend Guan Yi jam at the end.


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