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Concrete Pump Elbow Main Raw Materials
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Elbow Main raw materials

Concrete pump elbow from the material procurement to production and sales and a series of development

For the concrete pump elbow production generally experienced from extensive to intensive, from complex to heavy to simple and convenient type, from the workshop-style production to the factory production and development of the road. Now, from the concrete pump elbow production equipment to the process of reform to analyze the global scope, due to the impact of the steel market, the steel market is still in the doldrums of the case, the concrete pump elbow outlet diversion will be A certain resistance, for the domestic concrete pump elbow market price stability has some adverse effects.

Due to the concrete pump elbow in the production process, the main raw material in the production cost of a large proportion, so the price changes will directly affect the concrete pump elbow production cost changes. In the future development, the concrete pump elbow main raw material prices there is a further downside, the price changes will lead to the entire concrete pump elbow pipe microstructure and performance of the dramatic changes. Now, the domestic concrete pump elbow market is still maintained a growth trend, the concentration of the industry has improved, the industry gradually toward the layout of the new situation of rational development. From this point of view, the concrete pump elbow market prospects are still relatively good.

Tell us about the advantages of the 90 ° elbow

1. High pressure 90 degrees elbow material is composed of carbon, hydrogen two elements, never dui will not add any toxic substances, and high pressure seamless elbow material is through the relevant state departments of the test, so large Can be assured of its health. 2, the weight of high-pressure seamless elbow is only one-tenth of the steel, can imagine how light it is, but also greatly reduce the cost of transport in the installation and construction time is also very convenient. 3, high-pressure seamless elbow heat resistance, but good words, why say so? For example, when the working water temperature is 70 °, the softening temperature is 140 °. So do not worry about its heat problem. 4, high-pressure seamless elbow corrosion resistance is also very strong, not only will not rust, but not the breeding of bacteria, of course, in addition to a small number of hydrogenation agent. 5, good insulation properties, which should be we all know. Because the high-pressure seamless elbow material thermal conductivity is low, so relative to the insulation performance is very good. 6, high-pressure seamless elbow impact strength performance than other solid wall tube is much stronger, compared with the real wall is 1.3 times it is. So it has a strong impact resistance. 7, there is a point that has to mention, stamping elbow of the useful life is very long, it is said to reach more than 50 years, because of its rated temperature and pressure, making it not only put radiation, put ultraviolet light, but also make products Never fade. A high-pressure seamless elbow is a pipe fitting for pipe turning. In the pipeline system used in all the pipe, the proportion of the most da, about 80%. Often, different forming processes are chosen for elbows with different wall thicknesses.

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