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Concrete Pump Elbow Skills Requirement
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Elbow skills requirement

Concrete pump elbow technical requirements and use

1, because most of the pipe for welding, in order to improve the quality of welding, the end of the car into the groove, leaving a certain angle, with a certain edge, this requirement is also more strict, thick side, the angle of how much and deviation The scope of the provisions are provided. The surface quality and mechanical properties are basically the same as those of the tube. For easy welding, the pipe is the same as the steel of the pipe being connected.

2, that is, all the pipe fittings have to go through the surface treatment, the inner and outer surface of the oxide scale through the shot peening spray, and then coated with anti-corrosion paint. This is for export needs, Moreover, in the country is also to facilitate the transport to prevent corrosion oxidation, have to do this work.

3, is the requirements of the packaging for small pieces, such as exports, you need to do wooden box, about 1 cubic meter, the provisions of this box in the concrete pump elbow number can not be more than one ton, the standard allows sets, Small, but the total weight is generally not more than 1 ton. For large pieces of y will be a single package, like 24 "must be a single package. The other is the packaging mark, the mark is to indicate the size, steel, batch number, manufacturers and other trademarks.

Pipeline installation is commonly used in a connection pipe, connecting two nominal diameter of the same or different tubes, so that the pipeline to do a certain angle turn, nominal pressure of 1-1.6Mpa. Concrete pump elbow classification

To the production method can be divided into push, suppression, forging, casting and so on.

To the manufacturing standard can be divided into national standard, electric standard, ship standard, standard, water standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard and so on.

According to its radius of curvature to points: can be divided into long radius concrete pump elbow and short radius concrete pump elbow. Long radius concrete pump elbow refers to its curvature radius is equal to 1.5 times the outer diameter of the pipe, that is, R = 1.5D; short radius concrete pump elbow that its radius of curvature is equal to the outer diameter of the tube, that is, R = 1.0D. (D is the concrete pump elbow diameter, R is the radius of curvature).

According to the pressure level, there are about 17 species, and the American pipe standard is the same, there are: Sch5s, Sch10s, Sch10, Sch20, Sch30, Sch40s, STD, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80s, XS; Sch80, SCH100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, XXS; the most commonly used are STD and XS.

According to the different shapes can be divided into: trench concrete pump elbow, card sets of concrete pump elbow, double bearing concrete pump elbow, flange concrete pump elbow, reducer concrete pump elbow, Head, inside and outside the tooth concrete pump elbow, stamping concrete pump elbow, pushing concrete pump elbow, socket concrete pump elbow, butt welding concrete pump elbow, inner wire concrete pump elbow.

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