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Concrete Pump Pipe?
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Concrete pump pipe also has some skills, and if a pipe no cloth, blocking the pump may occur, and so on, today Intel machines to explain your concrete pump piping tips,

1. the fabric tube, should be based on the construction site of the project characteristics, maximum aggregate size, concrete pump conveying capacity (transport distances and heights), such as selection and configuration. Piping length should be as short as possible, using less pipe and hose;

2. pipe pressure rating not less than the maximum outlet pressure of pumps; new and old pipe at the same time, new tube should be arranged in pump pressure;

3. old tube wear exceeds the limit value shall be used;

4. along the pipeline route should be fixed firmly, nozzle, sealing well.

5. pipe wall thickness, weight, use of limits (this machine adopts 125A)
(1) along the pipe wall thickness ≥ 2.5mm and weight 26.5kg
(2) the output pipe wall thickness ≥ 1.3mm and weight 14.3kg
(3) not accept shell pierced<1.3mm weight <14.3kg
6. each tube ≤ 4 joints allows bending angle °

7. front hose bend RADIUS must not be less than 1 m, concrete material time should not exceed 30 minutes.

8. the level of concrete conveying pipe length conversion

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