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Concrete Pump Pipe How To Install
- Dec 09, 2016 -

How to install concrete pump pipe, install concrete pump to test concrete sources. If it is concrete, mix and transport feed, conveyor wear-resistant tubing can be installed locally, as long as Lee takes over and feeding. If it is a site-mixed concrete, first of all, according to the site, as well as mixing and feeding machine to determine the location of mix and, again according to the mix and the material discharge height as well as wear-resistant tubing to send and the requirements of a take-over to determine the location of the concrete pump. 1, first place concrete pump on solid pavement or pier, preservation of, and pumps four Outrigger locating pin and safety pin lock, make the tires off the ground, or removal of the tire. 2, according to the mix and the machine outlet as well as wear-resistant pump hopper chute, mixing and unloading the material through a chute into the pump hopper. Usually made of angle steel frame 3, chute, with 1.5mm thick steel plates welded together. Under the chute support frame to make it solid. 4, under normal conditions, wear-resistant tubing heightening the hopper on the machine needs about 20cm, which increased hopper capacity in order to guarantee that the concrete will not drain. Because compulsory mixing and unloading the best finish, which flows into the hopper of concrete is more symmetrical. If discharged at different times, and finally more concrete stones, pumping out of luck, especially when the slump of concrete, should pay attention to, is the pump hopper height. If it is a large volume of mixing machine, a storage hopper can be done in advance, in order to ensure continuous feed. 5, in the chute on the place, requires a slope appropriate, most fortunately, between the 25 °-40 ° tilt angle, and not too big. 6, chute and hopper connection of pumps, chutes and hoppers to leave some space, easy to wash the hopper, as well as a sieve. 7, after installation, throughout the whole door casings guarantees wear-resistant pump pipe freely, facilitating maintenance operations.


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