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Concrete Pump Pipe Market Needs
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Concrete pump pipe abbreviation, referred to as concrete of concrete (t รณ NG), it is often referred to as concrete pump pipe. It is easy to understand, is with the emergence of concrete pumps and pump tube and the emergence of a new type of construction Accessories products, its presence greatly improves the construction efficiency, by manual or need a crane bucket or Dou way to rapid concrete delivery to areas in need of pouring, construction efficiency increased nearly a hundredfold.

Tubing is generally divided into both 125cm and 150cm, and both the high and low points. 125cm-low pressure of the pump tube model outer diameter is 133cm piping, high pressure for the pipes of outside diameter is 140cm; 150cm-low pressure of the pump tube model outer diameter is 159cm pipe, pressure for the pipes of outside diameter is 168cm. Pump pipe fittings of tube is specially processed through welding and pipe connections, each pipe connection is through the casting and processing of Guan Kalai connection.

Tubing in accordance with use is divided into pump tube tubing and two kinds of pump tube includes arm tube, hinged elbows, reducers and pipe, cast steel cast from. For the normal 20# carbon steel tubing, fluid tube or straight-seam pipes, manufactured by.


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