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Concrete Pump Requirements For Rubber Hose
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Using Shi should do operation personnel specification training work, not has specification operation who shall not induction, connection end Department Shi to prevent tube card no card tight, and sealed circle damaged and the not added sealed circle, took over Shi not with with model diameter tube mouth pipe, and General hose and the modern type hose only for end Department export using, also shall not instead of connection bent tube and straight tube using, unauthorized using responsibility conceit. 2, and blocking tube Shi must processing normal Hou using, as export at concrete blocking tube stacked blocking tube, and mixed warehouse type blocking tube, and pipeline Epsom pulp type blocking tube, and concrete intermittent over type blocking tube, and pipeline gray skin accumulated type blocking tube, and concrete mortar segregation type blocking tube, and concrete segregation type blocking tube, and additional agent segregation type blocking tube, and s type conveying tube blocking tube, and outside mixed very hot type blocking tube, and outside temperature very cold type blocking tube, and air backlog type blocking tube, and tube diameter variation type blocking tube, and aggregate super large blocking tube, and flow runaway type blocking tube and so on. Extraordinary phenomenon not timely excluded will heating prompted hose deformation, tube aggregate collision extrusion and designated moving within wall, caused commodity concrete pump stacked parts hose bulging, especially grain diameter 3.5cm of concrete aggregate will appeared super large blocking tube phenomenon, barely output time more long against more big, while caused hose within wall not often collision cut sex increasingly big, last up drum at will appeared grew up to big of up skin phenomenon, as in flange at appeared also will constitute also consequences (tube head method blue stick received at off). But as long as the selection of the correct state will successfully achieve concrete to best position, reduce unnecessary losses.


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