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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Improper Operation
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Improper operation

Tell you specifically have the following seven reasons:

First, the operation is not easy to cause the closure of the professional production of concrete pump rubber hose. According to the technical staff to sum up the experience to see the operation and then there are six reasons.

1.1 concrete pump operator energy is not concentrated

Transport pump operators in the pumping construction should focus on, always pay attention to pumping the pressure gauge readings, once the pressure gauge readings suddenly increased, should immediately pump 2-3 stroke, then positive pump, blocking the tube can be ruled out The If the anti-pump has been carried out, the pump is a few operating cycles, still did not rule out the block, should be timely cleaning, or will make the block more serious.

1.2 concrete pump pumping speed selection is not appropriate

Pumping, the speed of choice is critical, the operator can not blindly map fast, sometimes haste makes waste. The first pumping, due to the larger pipeline resistance, this time should be low-speed pumping, pumping normal, may be appropriate to improve the pumping speed. When the occurrence of blocking signs or a car concrete slump is small, should be low-speed pumping, the blocking tube in the bud.

1.3 concrete conveying pump hopper over the amount of material control is not appropriate

When pumping, the operator must observe the remaining material in the hopper at any time, and the material shall not be lower than the stirring shaft. If the material is too small, it will be easy to inhale the air and cause the plugging. Hopper in the material can not be piled too much, should be lower than the fence, in order to facilitate the timely removal of coarse aggregate and large aggregate. When a car concrete slump is small, the remaining material can be lower than the stirring shaft, controlled in the "S" tube or suction port above, to reduce the stirring resistance, swing resistance and suction resistance. This method only applies to "S" valve series concrete pump.

1.4 Concrete concrete in the concrete slump is too small to take improper measures

When it is found that a concrete slump is very small, can not be pumped, the concrete should be released from the bottom of the hopper in time, if the covetous, forced pumping can easily lead to blocking. Avoid mixing with water in the hopper. =

1.5 concrete pump downtime is too long

During the shutdown period, should be every 5 ~ 10min (specific time depending on the day temperature, concrete slump, concrete initial setting time) to open the pump once to prevent blocking. For the shutdown time is too long, has been condensed concrete, should not continue to pump.

1.6 concrete pump pipeline is not clean

The last pump is completed, the pipeline is not clean, will cause the next pumping when the blocking. So every time the pump must be completed in accordance with the operating procedures will be washed pipeline cleaning. Should use good quality concrete pump rubber hose and concrete pump rubber hose to clean the ball.

Professional production of concrete pump rubber hose, pump tube with the right price, high volume, the appearance of beautiful, concrete pump rubber hose cleaning ball with the appropriate hardness, and easy to operate, clean.

In summary: the technical staff to remind the concrete pump operation workers should strengthen the learning of concrete pump delivery process of knowledge, attention to detail. Avoid blocking.


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