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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Installation And Use
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Installation and use

Performance Characteristics and Installation and Application of Concrete Pump Tubes

How to use a good concrete pump tube is directly related to the progress and quality of the project, so in the construction of concrete pump pipe installation and commissioning is very important, set many years of concrete pump design, production technology and field construction accumulated experience to make some detailed Overview.

1, the first concrete pump placed on a solid concrete floor or stone pier, to maintain the degree, and the pump four legs of the positioning pin and safety pin locking, so that tires off the ground or remove the tires.

2, according to the mixing and the machine out of the mouth and the concrete pump pipe hopper to do a chute, so that mixing and machine discharge material through the chute into the hopper of the pump.

3, chute is usually used as a skeleton of steel, with 1.5MM thick steel welded together. Chute under the support set up to make it firm.

4, the general environment, the concrete pump pipe hopper on the need to increase about 20CM, so increase the hopper volume to ensure that concrete will not be outflow. Because the forced mixing and unloading machine is best to unload a time, so the flow of concrete into the hopper symmetry. If the sub-discharge, the last out of the concrete stone on the side, the pump bad luck, especially when the concrete slump, it should be noted that the pump hopper to be high. If it is a large volume of mixing and machine, you can do a storage hopper in advance to ensure continuous feeding.

5, placed in the chute, the slope required appropriate tilt angle of the most gratitude between 25 ° -40 °, the gap is not too much.

6, chute and pump hopper connection, chute and hopper to leave a certain space, easy to clean the hopper and sieve.

7, installed in place, look through the whole, to ensure that the delivery of concrete pump tube casing door switch freely, easy maintenance operations.

Performance characteristics of concrete pump

1, the use of triple pump open system, the hydraulic circuit does not interfere with each other, the system operation.

2, with anti-pump function, which will help eliminate the block failure, and a short time to stop waiting for material.

3, the use of advanced S pipe distribution valve, can automatically compensate for wear and tear, sealing performance.

4, the use of wear-resistant alloy glasses and floating cutting ring, long service life.

5, long stroke of the cylinder, extending the life of the cylinder and piston.

6, optimize the design of the hopper, easy to clean, suction performance better.

7, automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure that the machine running to be effective lubrication.

8, with remote remote control, the operation more secure and convenient.

9, all parts of the national standard, interchangeability is better


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