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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Operating Temperature
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Operating temperature

In the construction of construction, a variety of tools and equipment need to pay attention to, pump pipe operating temperature range is an important factor to be considered. Some pipes, such as silicone rubber, have a wide range of temperatures and are suitable for high temperature and low temperature processes, while some pipes are only suitable for a relatively small temperature range. The end user should first understand the maximum temperature and minimum temperature in the system before selecting the tubing, and then ensure that the pump tube is safe to operate in this temperature range. In applications where temperature is required to be increased, the end user should consider the effect of temperature on the chemical resistance and pressure capacity of the pump tubing. When the temperature increases, the pressure capacity of the pump tube will be reduced.

As each roller in the pump head is pressed against the pump tube, the peristaltic pump pumps a certain amount of fluid, so the size of the pump tubing is directly related to the pumping flow, that is, the operation of the fluid delivery system. Pump tube is the design of high quality peristaltic pump to be considered when the key part. The optimum size or optimum size range of the pump tubing is to be calculated. Where the size of the main refers to the pump tube diameter and thickness. The inner diameter determines the amount of fluid pumped by one revolution per turn, and the thickness determines the ability to restore the original shape after each roll, which greatly affects the service life of the pump tubing. Pump pipe size relative to the pump head size is too small, the pump head can not catch the pump tube, the pump tube will be pulled out of the pump head; and pump tube size is too small, the pump head roller can not suppress the pump tube, Will cause the pumping flow to be insufficient or complete failure. And if the tubing is too large, the excess pipe will fold between the roller and the pump shell or between the roll and the bite bed, resulting in excessive wear and premature failure. The end user should follow the manufacturer's recommendations when selecting the pump tubing to ensure that the system functions well. In some applications where high accuracy is required (eg chemical dosimeters), the size of the pump tubing is even more pronounced. A slight deviation in size will result in too much deviation in traffic or distribution. Although some manufacturers offer pump tubing sizes that are "close" to the recommended size, "look the same", but there are still gaps. So in order to make the pump system to achieve the best performance and accuracy, the user should be used with the manufacturer recommended size exactly the same size of the pump tube. Concrete pump pipe pipe blockage:

(1) the phenomenon of transmission pressure gradually increased, while the hopper material does not decline, the pipe outlet is not expected, the pump vibration, piping is also accompanied by a strong vibration and displacement, can be judged to be blocked.

(2) to determine the clogging of the clogs generally occur in the bend and cone tube at the vibration of the site. The general situation is from the pump outlet. Symptoms are: unobstructed pipe section will be violent vibration, blocking the pipeline after the road is no vibration. Can be used to determine the auditory, non-blocked section of concrete is sucked, there will be sound; block part of the subsequent paragraph is no sound. You can also use the wooden hammer tapping pipe inspection, with the beat when the feel or voice to determine the block will have a "stuffy" sound and dense feeling. In the long-distance horizontal transport, if the pipe joints leaky pulp, leakage parts behind the straight tube is also prone to blockage.


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