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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Reasonable And Firm
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Reasonable and firm

Concrete transport during the slowdown, the horizontal delivery pipe can instantly produce 27-30t longitudinal tension, reasonable and firmly fixed pump tube, can effectively reduce the pipeline jitter caused by pumping system pressure loss, improve pumping efficiency. 90 "elbow diameter of 1 000 mm elbow with at least 3 U-shaped fixture fixed pump tube, the other elbow using 2} 3 U-shaped fixture fixed.

3.4 technical measures to transport pump tubing

Was informed that the concrete pump rubber hose with 9 mm thick 45Mn2 quenching tube pump tube, the characteristics of ultra-high pressure pipe clamp downturn, the pipeline connection with male and female deduction cone centering form of low-profit era, O-ring seal. Ordinary concrete pump rubber hose, when the wall thickness is less than 3.5 mm, should replace the new pipeline. The safety life of the elbow is about 5 000 m'o

Was informed that the concrete pump rubber hose buckle for the Sany Heavy Industry specially designed and manufactured ultra-high pressure pipe clip, the material is 70 mm thick 45 quenched and tempered steel plate (not casting) cautious, end O-ring seal, pressure 40 MPa above, easy to disassemble, and overcome the shortcomings of the whole flange connection structure bolt loose.

When the concrete is pumped, the hydraulic shut-off valve at the lower end of the vertical pipe is further deteriorated to prevent the concrete from flowing back in the vertical pipe. In addition, after the concrete is pumped, After the mechanical properties, the need to pump the front end of the hydraulic cut-off valve to create benefits, the temporary closure of the pipeline pump pipe, in order to connect the pipeline with the concrete recovery device. So the pump tube, each pipe with two hydraulic cut-off valve distribution decision, one is located in the pump outlet 8m at the price reduction, the other is located in the lower part of the vertical pipeline. Pipe is mainly used for transporting concrete, its friction strength and time are often far beyond the general construction, coupled with its indispensable role in the construction, how to do the greatest degree of wear-resistant resources development, is always subject to Concerns. The manufacture and use often have the following:

    1, to ensure quality, so that the pump tube itself has a certain intensity of a narrow rebound, and affordability;

    2, the pipeline structure should have a certain width, so that as thick enough to repay the elbow radius as much as possible to create a new low, to reduce the friction when the concrete transport;

    3, the manufacture of pipe fittings and pipe internal resistance to be small, to avoid too rough to increase friction;

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