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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose The Greatest Degree Of Wear
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose The greatest degree of wear

The retrofitting tube should be mounted on top of the flat portion at the time of installation, so as to avoid the accumulation of air, to avoid the problem of reducing or causing the water to survive, and prone to impact The If we are in the installation time, the diameter of the inlet pipe and the diameter of the pump inlet are in love with the local interests, we should add a straight pipe between the two, the length of the straight pipe should be less than the diameter of the pipe to two Triple elbow. The elbows should be connected to each other so that when the water flows through the elbow when the impeller is distributed unevenly distributed, if the diameter of the pipe is greater than the pump inlet, the eccentricity should be installed between the two Pipe. It is known that the material of the variable pipe is stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and cast iron and other non-ferrous metal materials and plastic. The most common way to connect a pipe to a pipe is to make a direct welding embarrassing situation, either by flange welding, hot melt connection, and threaded connection. Mainly for the transport of concrete, which bear the friction strength and time is often far beyond the general construction, coupled with its indispensable role in the construction, how to do the greatest degree of wear-resistant resources development, has been concerned about The problem. The manufacture and use often have the following:

1, to ensure quality, so that they have a certain intensity of a narrow rebound, and affordability;

2, the pipeline structure should have a certain width, so that as thick enough to repay the elbow radius as much as possible to create a new low, to reduce the friction when the concrete transport;

3, the manufacture of pipe fittings and pipe internal resistance to be small, to avoid too rough to increase friction;

4, was informed that the pipeline after use, to empty the tube in time to media, try to rinse to ensure that there is no medium in the tube steel prices to warm up, to avoid the formation of internal attachment;

5, because the energy of the wear and tear are derived from the pump, it should avoid the pump field is too large to continue to be weak, to be able to use the standard can be. Improve the energy efficiency of concrete, environmental performance has become a trend, the air cooling gradually replace the water cooling, the engine emission standards are also improving the measures taken, mostly to Europe Ⅱ or Euro Ⅲ standard. It is found that the structural parts are more suitable: the boom-type concrete is often limited by the upper space, requiring the boom to start when the top height of the lowest falls endlessly, 4 or less of the boom folding generally use a single R or Z-type. More than 5 knots are limited by space, the RZ combination of folding type to achieve the general expansion of the boom, Shoulong, applicability, mobility and flexibility to enhance, especially in the tunnel and indoor construction, the efficiency was significantly improved. So the concrete leg design presents a personalized, diversified features. It is known that the hydraulic system is integrated: the boom type concrete concrete pump rubber hose generally adopts the open system and the constant power control, especially the high flow pump, the open system has many advantages such as low oil temperature, high reliability, easy maintenance and so on. At the same time is expected to decline, full hydraulic control technology, computer control technology has made a breakthrough.


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