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Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe According To Stress
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe According to stress

What is the pump tube

Pumps are not the same depending on the classification

First: according to size

According to the size of the pump tube is generally divided into 125 and 150 and 80 three

Second: according to stress

According to the different pressure is divided into high-pressure pump tube and low-pressure pump tube, 125-type pump tube low-pressure type of welding flange Φ148mm, high-pressure pipe welding flange Φ157mm; 150 pump tube low pressure model diameter Φ159 Of the pipeline, high pressure for the diameter is Φ168 of the pipeline.

Third: According to the use of different areas are mainly pump tub and pump tube two.

Fourth: According to the material are mainly 45mn2, 20 # carbon steel

The concrete pump tube optimizes the process of industrial construction

The concrete pump tube optimizes the process of industrial construction

A long time ago the traditional construction industry is still relatively backward, the need to use concrete when the work efficiency is very slow, in general, the need for workers to use manual delivery of the building materials to the designated location, the workers are not only tired, the efficiency of work Also slow.

Later, slowly improved with the use of cranes to transport, work efficiency improved a lot, but still did not completely solve the problem. Now invented the concrete pump tube, this product is mainly used with the pump to use. After mixing the building materials, you can directly use the pressure of the pump to the concrete through the pipeline to the designated location, high efficiency.

Concrete pump pipe in the use of the process is mainly the use of welding all the pipes are connected. Each pipe has been fine design and processing, for the size of the strict requirements, the thickness of the pipe to be qualified to control the error in a certain range can withstand the pressure. This invention greatly optimized the construction process. Introduction to the specification of concrete pump tubing

Concrete pump tubing is an indispensable tool in the current construction industry. When the building is based on the unit time, the amount of different construction materials and the power of the pump is different, select the different specifications of the product to match. Generally speaking, depending on the size of the product diameter can be divided into different models.

The smallest diameter is probably eighty, the largest diameter in one hundred and fifty. So that the efficiency and speed of the feeding material is about twice as bad as the pressure of the different pump. Concrete pump pipe is thick, divided into diameter and diameter. Different diameter specifications can be used to accommodate different pump pressures.

In the high pressure state, the required pipe thickness is thicker. According to the use of the place to the class, the general can be divided into the use of the pump in the car and the use of underground pump tube two. Car pump tube structure is more complex, including some corners and brackets, the production of materials is also a hard cast steel. The pump tubing is made of ordinary carbon steel.

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