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Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe According To The Scope Of Use And Points
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe According to the scope of use and points

Pump pipe is a shortcomings of concrete pump tubing, is a new type of construction accessories products, divided into the pump tube and the pump tube.

Chinese name pump tube outside the name of Concretepumppipe full name concrete pump pump type construction parts accessories

Concrete pump pipe in English (Concretepumppipe) referred to as concrete referred to as concrete (tóng), it is often referred to as concrete pump tube. It is easy to understand that the pump tube is a new type of construction parts with the appearance of concrete pumps, and its appearance has greatly improved the efficiency of construction, the need to use artificial or crane a bucket or a Fighting the way to change the operation of the concrete to the need to pour the place, so that the construction efficiency increased nearly a hundred times.

Pumps are generally divided into 125 and 150 and 80 three, and these two have their own high pressure and low pressure of the points. 125 type pump tube low pressure type welding flange for Φ148mm, high pressure pipe welding flange for Φ157mm; 150 type of pump tube low pressure model is the diameter of Φ159 pipe, high pressure for the diameter is Φ168 pipe. The pipe head is a specially machined pipe joint, which is connected to the pipe body by welding. The connection of each pipe is connected by a pipe card which is processed by casting process.

Pump tube in accordance with the scope of use is divided into two types of car pump and pump tube, pump tube, including boom tube, hinge elbow, reducer and elbow, made of cast steel, straight pipe material 45mn2. To the pump tube for the ordinary 20 # carbon steel, by the fluid pipe or straight pipe, processed from.

The common position of the plugging pipe is the inlet, the distribution valve outlet, the S pipe valve, the elbow, the cone tube and so on. The first three of the concrete is not pumped to the pipeline, so some are called blocking. To determine the specific location of the main plug according to three kinds of performance:

1 pumping action and hydraulic system are normal, no abnormal sound, the pump and the pipeline are no vibration. This shows that the pump and the pipeline are free of concrete flow, the block position must be in the feed port. At this point check the feed port, the hopper has a larger aggregate or agglomeration, at the feed port stuck or arch and blocked.

Remedy: reverse the pump to destroy the agglomeration, so that the concrete back to the hopper to stir, and then positive pumping. If it does not work, you need to manually clean up, be excluded.

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