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Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe Preservative Processing
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe Preservative processing

How long is the life of the wear pump tubing?

Different manufacturers of product quality is not the same, so wear-resistant pump tube life, there is no way to make a unified conclusion. Some of the conscience of the manufacturers using superior quality steel products for production, and will carry out some anti-corrosion processing. So the quality of the products produced is very good.

The reason why this product is wear-resistant, it is because the casting of this product is used in the material itself is cast steel, this steel has a very good characteristics, not afraid of water, can be very good anti-corrosion, And will not rust, so it can be used to transport concrete.

Wear pump tubing life and the use of the construction method has a great relationship. Manufacturers recommend that customers in the use of the process need to do some measures to protect the pipeline. Although the product itself is wearable, it can be used for a long time. But if not properly protected, it will make the pipeline life shortened, the appropriate protection measures are still very important.

Pump tube manufacturers to remind you to pay attention to the safety of construction

Workers in the use of the pump tube to pay attention to safety, intimate pump tube manufacturers here to tell customers some precautions. When pouring concrete, pay attention to the beginning of the pump tube to be as far as possible in the low places. From the starting point to the end of the height difference is best not more than two meters. So that it can be easily transported, and can be a good protection of the pipeline.

In the course of transport work workers can not be disassembled, because if the unauthorized removal of the concrete may cause the jet out and hurt the safety of workers. Pump tube manufacturers to remind you that in the course of the use of the pipeline pressure is very large, if the operation is not appropriate, then the workers may cause harm.

After the completion of the equipment to be cleaned, due to the use of clean water in the pipeline to clean up the concrete, so the surrounding area must ensure that no one can start before the operation. This ensures that the ejected liquid does not hurt someone else's personal safety. The whole construction process. First of all to prepare is the material, according to the construction plan to prepare the corresponding specifications of the pipeline, but also calculate the extent of the pipeline.

If the wrong connection of the pipeline may affect the construction process, and the length is not enough is certainly not work. The entire system also includes other parts, such as the need to connect the concrete pump tube, then need to use the welding equipment. Only the pipeline welding of the solid, in order to effectively avoid the concrete in the process of transport material leakage situation.


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