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Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe Transport Pump Tube
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe Transport pump tube

Concrete pump tubing is an indispensable tool in the current construction industry. When the building is based on the unit time, the amount of different construction materials and the power of the pump is different, select the different specifications of the product to match. Generally speaking, depending on the size of the product diameter can be divided into different models.

The smallest diameter is probably eighty, the largest diameter in one hundred and fifty. So that the efficiency and speed of the feeding material is about twice as bad as the pressure of the different pump. Concrete pump pipe is thick, divided into diameter and diameter. Different diameter specifications can be used to accommodate different pump pressures.

In the high pressure state, the required pipe thickness is thicker. According to the use of the place to the class, the general can be divided into the use of the pump in the car and the use of underground pump tube two. Car pump tube structure is more complex, including some corners and brackets, the production of materials is also a hard cast steel. The pump tubing is made of ordinary carbon steel. How should the damaged tubing be used

Construction time, in order to protect the transport of concrete, the use of the pump tube is very frequent, but in the course of a long period of time, the pump tube will be damaged, this time need to replace the pump tube, because it will not affect the construction The progress and efficiency, but the replacement of the broken tube should be how to deal with it? This is the most critical issue.

Many of the previous construction side are directly dealt with, this way is not very reasonable, because the best way is through the pump tube manufacturers to recover the way to deal with, because it can better protect the advantages of maximizing to deal with the Kind of damaged pump tube, but also to recover a certain amount of money back.

In view of this situation, the construction side can be better to deal with, and will not form a waste of resources, so take the pump tube manufacturers recycling method is more reasonable, the most important thing is: this method for the construction side is complete Will not bring bad effects, so the use of damaged pump tube can be handled like this.

There are many types of concrete pump tubing

The best way to transport concrete is to use pump tubing. But different circumstances need to use a different pump tube, which is the most effective, but different concrete pump tube is also has a completely different effect, which is a very important way to distinguish, especially wear pump tubing, It is now a very popular type of concrete pump tubing, the frequency of choice is also high.

Ordinary concrete pump pipe in the use of a period of time, it is prone to a certain loss, but if it is wear-resistant pump tube, then there will not be such a thing, wear pump tube to use better, but also easier to get Good use of security, because the overall effect is very good.

So in the choice of the use of concrete wear-resistant pump tube, you need to choose a reasonable choice of product types and models, so as to achieve a better practical effect, so the construction side need a reasonable use of wear-resistant pump tube, so that construction can be more Good security.


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