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Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe Use The Way Of Welding
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe Use the way of welding

The concrete pump tube optimizes the process of industrial construction

A long time ago the traditional construction industry is still relatively backward, the need to use concrete when the work efficiency is very slow, in general, the need for workers to use manual delivery of the building materials to the designated location, the workers are not only tired, the efficiency of work Also slow.

Later, slowly improved with the use of cranes to transport, work efficiency improved a lot, but still did not completely solve the problem. Now invented the concrete pump tube, this product is mainly used with the pump to use. After mixing the building materials, you can directly use the pressure of the pump to the concrete through the pipeline to the designated location, high efficiency.

Concrete pump pipe in the use of the process is mainly the use of welding all the pipes are connected. Each pipe has been fine design and processing, for the size of the strict requirements, the thickness of the pipe to be qualified to control the error in a certain range can withstand the pressure. This invention greatly optimized the construction process.

 Concrete pump tube specifications different use of different effects

If you want to pour cement on the construction site, then you can transport through the concrete pump tube, which is a very good way, but in the choice of concrete pump tube when we must pay attention, because the concrete pump tube is divided into more Type of different models of the use of the effect is completely different, so the choice of time in accordance with the actual construction needs to determine the choice, this is more effective.

And the different specifications of the concrete pump tube, low pressure and high pressure distinction is also there, so in the use of time, you need to consider the use of the actual needs of the first, and then to determine what kind of concrete pump tube should be selected, which is more Practical security method.

According to the actual needs to select the appropriate size of the concrete pump tube, so as to ensure a better practical effect, if the choice of the direction is not correct, it is also prone to problems, so a reasonable choice and use to achieve better concrete Pump tube use effect. Most of the construction side in the use of the pump when the basic are not to take the spare or hoarding, the basic use of how much is to buy how much, so you can effectively control costs. But if there is a pump tube damage then need to be replaced in a timely manner, this time the problem appeared, how can we even more for the pump tube replacement? In fact, the choice of pump tube manufacturers is a very important factor.


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