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Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe We Should Pay Attention
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Schwing MF Concrete Pump Pipe We should pay attention

In the process of computer video recording control, the reasons are analyzed, there are generally four cases.

1 now some production pump manufacturers or distribution units, for the pursuit of high profits and reduce the pump cost. The pump tube production to self-employed, these processing households is a low level of technology, equipment behind the pump pipe flange connection process rough, leading to leakage; Second, they use more materials for the purchase of low-cost oil sector out of the lost Gas pipeline, quality failure.

2 is now playing the new wells are generally drinking water and irrigation wells, in terms of irrigation in order to save water, the development of underground water pipes more, single well with pipe length between 1000 --- 500m. The pump outlet directly into the pipeline, which has increased the pump outlet water resistance is also caused by a negative pressure pump tube a reason.

3 in the installation of the pump, because the custody is not good, free throw, and in the assembly of the flange is not clean, there are sand or other hard objects stick to the flange. There is a certain gap when the dock caused by leakage.

4 Precautions

4. 1 In the production of pipe pipe or distribution units, the use of obsolete waste pipe, must adhere to the use of new quality standards in line with the pipe. Production of the pump tube to be straight, smooth, the flange should be flat, strict on the section, strict quality control.

4. 2 in the well pump with the pump, the water sector has the responsibility to take the initiative and the user contact to help select the good quality .. reasonable price of the brand water pump. And the pulp manufacturers signed the use of the agreement, in a certain period of time due to pump pipe leakage caused by the machine and damage 1 by a manufacturer responsible. The water sector has the responsibility to supervise the quality of the local pump,

Have the right to cancel or confiscate marketing unqualified pumps.

4. 3 in the installation of the pump use, carefully assembled, and strictly check the flange is smooth, with or without debris, pad thick to be uniform, the connection screw must be tightened. The implementation of the annual maintenance of the pump. Timely replacement of substandard parts, timely maintenance is to avoid the key measures of water leakage pump.

Concrete pump pipe, is the rise of concrete transport equipment in recent years, can greatly speed up the transport efficiency of concrete, reduce project consumption, and promote the development of construction projects.

Operation of concrete pump tube should pay attention to the following points:

1, prepared in advance pump tube, 40 * 4 flat iron, M16 bolts, M16 expansion bolts, 20 I-beam, rubber, etc., to determine the material is complete.

2, in order to determine the direction of the pump tube, export reinforcement, horizontal reinforcement, vertical reinforcement, and other steps.

3, the construction, the operation of the staff must have sufficient experience, and focus on efforts, is strictly prohibited layman casual operation.

4, to pump pipe maintenance, you must first cut off the power, to avoid accidents when the maintenance.

5, after the operation is stopped, the pump pipe must be cleaned to avoid the emergence of concrete pipe adhesion, and hinder the use of the future.


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