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Stationary Concrete Pump Pipe Good Resistance To Mechanical Shock
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Stationary Concrete Pump Pipe Good resistance to mechanical shock

Introduction of fixed concrete pump

Fixed concrete pump tube full name ceramic lined composite steel pipe.

Different from the traditional production process, the use of self-propagating technology to produce a fixed concrete pump pipe with a common organizational structure. The common organizational structure also determines its excellent overall performance. It is not only anti-wear, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high hardness and strength, but also has good resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock of the overall performance.

Fixed concrete pump pipe and the traditional steel pipe, wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe, cast stone pipe and steel, steel and other rubber pipe has a substantial difference. Fixed concrete pump tube outer layer is seamless steel pipe, the inner layer is corundum. Corundum layer hardness up to HV1100-1400, equivalent to tungsten cobalt cemented carbide, wear resistance than carbon steel pipe more than 20 times higher. Fixed concrete pump tube wear resistance is mainly by the inner layer of a few millimeters thick corundum layer, which wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe, cast stone pipe both by the composition and organization, but also by the thickness to have a qualitative leap.

Fixed concrete pump tube corundum melting point of 2045 ℃, corundum layer and steel layer due to the construction of special reasons, the stress field is also special.

At room temperature, the ceramic layer is subjected to compressive stress, and the steel layer is subjected to tensile stress. As long as the temperature rises above 400 ℃, due to the different heat shrinkage coefficient of the two, the new stress field generated by the heat shrinkage causes the stress field existing in the fixed concrete pump tube to cancel each other, so that both the ceramic layer and the steel layer are in stress Balanced state. When the temperature rises to 900 ℃, the fixed concrete pump tube into the cold water, repeated repeatedly, the ceramic layer is not cracked or cracked, showing the ordinary ceramic no comparable thermal shock resistance, this performance in the construction of large Useful. As the outer layer is steel, coupled with the inner temperature does not crack, in the construction, the flange, purge mouth, explosion-proof doors can stop welding, can also be used to stop the direct welding pipe connection, which wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe , Cast stone pipe and steel, steel hose in the construction is not easy to welding or welding can not be better. Fixed concrete pump tube resistance to mechanical impact performance Ye Hao, in the transport, installation, beat and between the two planes between the weight of bending deformation, the corundum layer are not scattered.

The inner layer of the fixed concrete pump tube is dense α-type aluminum oxide, and the acid resistance is 96-98%. The aluminum oxide is neutral oxide, and it does not react chemically with acid, alkali and salt. Aluminum oxide is an inorganic material, in the light, heat, oxygen and other natural environment under long-term effect, there is no deterioration of performance (ie aging) problem. Determination of fixed concrete pump tube corrosion resistance than stainless steel ten times higher.

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